The Menu of the Comptoir Darna Restaurant: A Blend of Moroccan and International Cuisine


-Cuisine and Cocktails :

The secret weapon of the Comptoir Darna restaurant lies in its cuisine, offering delectable and generous dishes that bring together food enthusiasts in a friendly atmosphere.

Meticulously prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients, the menu creates diverse blends and fusions both in the kitchen and in the ambiance and decoration.

This is achieved through the careful selection of various oriental and occidental ingredients to produce rich, harmonious, and balanced dishes.

The Comptoir Darna restaurant's menu is distinctive, featuring a combination of various Moroccan and international cuisines.

Starting with appetizers such as briouates with different flavors or a pot of roasted goat, the star of the menu is the famous "houmous and falafels," an oriental delight that everyone loves to try.

The main dishes are divided into categories: Moroccan Cuisine and International Cuisine. Under Moroccan cuisine, the restaurant presents the renowned "Chicken Tagine," a true Moroccan specialty worth trying, or the "Berber Lamb Shank Tagine," a delightful combination of savory and sweet that is sure to surprise everyone. The "Kefta or Minced Meat Tagine" is a simple yet incredibly delicious dish, while the "Saint Pierre Fish Tagine with Coconut Milk" is an unbelievably tasty creation unique to Comptoir Darna. Finally, the menu offers the famous Moroccan dish "Royal Couscous," which is exceptionally beautiful as well. The second category consists of international dishes, such as the well-known "Crispy Prawns" with sweet pomegranate sauce, the unforgettable "Miso-glazed Salmon," and the "Grilled Wood-Fired Chicken" with sage and preserved lemon, catering especially to those who prefer a healthy and wholesome diet.

The third category of dishes is divided into signature dishes and vegetarian options. For the former, there's the luxurious "Méchoui," featuring lamb shoulder slow-cooked for 7 hours in the oven with roasted and sautéed vegetables—an all-time favorite among restaurant patrons. The superb dish named "Finely Sliced Beef Fillet" with delicious dauphine potatoes completes the signature choices.

In the vegetarian section, options include "Vegetable Couscous," devoid of any meat as the name suggests, the second proposal being the "Berber Vegetable Tagine" with seasonal vegetables flavored with argan oil and fresh herbs. Lastly, there's "Linguine with Morel Mushrooms."

Desserts at Comptoir Darna are a delight, with the pastry chef taking pleasure in creating light and refined desserts. Moroccan treats include the royal "Pastilla," a blend of milk and roasted almonds, and "Sfinges," traditional doughnuts with chocolate sauce. On the international front, the restaurant offers the "Chocolate Delight" with a vanilla ice cream center and "Fresh Raspberries" with cream.

Customers can also choose from a selection of ice creams and sorbets.

The true specialty of the restaurant lies in its cocktails—a collection of "signature" cocktails exclusively found at Comptoir Darna, created by talented mixologists for loyal customers.

The restaurant offers 13 different cocktails with distinct flavors, textures, and names like "Magic Marrakech," "The Golden Hour," "Curious Mind," or the refreshing "Berry Breeze." Other options include the "Bubbly Cocktail" and non-alcoholic "Mocktails," as well as various types of beverages such as white wine, red wine, and champagne.

Our main objective is the satisfaction of our customers, and for this reason, we always strive to present them with the best."